Telecare for Home & Group Living

Independent Assisted Living

Independent living is important to many people as they grow older or as they have chronic disabilities, while most want to remain at home even when they need help to manage their daily tasks.

Technology can help seniors to remain at home. Using its expertise in home alarm systems as well as connected devices for smart home to provide adapted devices and solutions for detecting and preventing at- risk situations, monitoring safety and improving quality of life.

Secured Living

Telecare solutions and sensors are configurable to each home or group living environment. Enabling to secure elderly persons at home.

Privacy function

Residents who do not wish to be disturbed can activate the privacy function ensuring that their privacy and independence is not compromised.

Panic Activation

A dedicated panic trigger will automatically alert family members or a care monitoring station.

Personal and Proactive Care

Early event detection with immediate alerts enable family or health professionals to quickly take appropriate action.

Flexible and Secure Communication

With its multiple communication paths the system is always securely connected for real-time alerts.

Features highly secured and encrypted communication between homes and care monitoring stations.

Smart Cloud

Our cloud provides full data remote management for care and behavioural monitoring.

Improved and Efficient Services

Smart analytics enables user behaviour to improve services.

Panic Devices

Fall Sensor

FALL is a DECT Pendant with Voice Announcements for seniors and people with disabilities who want to live at home even if they are predominantly alone.

It maintains contact with Family & Friends, reminds its user to take medicine when appropriate and – most notably – has a reliable Fall and Smoke Alarm Detection with automatic alarm handling. Compatible with any standard DECT Base Station at home, the FALL is suitable for sales concepts with and without contract.

Statistically every red-button user suffers from a fall-down accidents 2-3 times per year. This dramatic event is a major medical threat to persons alone at home and is described by medical services as the most important challenge to supply instant professional help. FALL uses a new Fall Detection algorithm (“DPDM”) which has excellent reliability and no false alarms. DPDM can distinguish between ‘person fall down’ and ‘product fall down’. Normally an emergency call is not needed for the later event. However it has been proven by practice that the fall down of the product can be the consequence of a medical hazard. FALL considers this effect by monitoring the follow-up actions and triggering emergency call in case the product is not picked up.

This feature is enabled ‘ex works’ but can be disabled via PC APP. FALL has an elegant and modern design. Anyone who has trouble getting around, or who can’t (or doesn’t want to) get up to answer the door can also inform a visitor that it will take a while for them to respond to the Doorbell.

Fall SensorBuy a Fall Sensor

The Future

IRIS IoT will continue to innovate and collaborate to build better solutions for the future. In 2021 we started to develop a new kind of fall sensor and this sensor will be able to REDUCE falls by up to 50% and also monitor falls with a 99% accuracy, even on soft falls. If you want to know more on any of our solutions then please make contact.

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