Telecare for Home & Group Living

Independent Assisted Living

Independent living is important to many people as they grow older or as they have chronic disabilities, while most want to remain at home even when they need help to manage their daily tasks.

Technology can help seniors to remain at home. Using its expertise in home alarm systems as well as connected devices for smart home to provide adapted devices and solutions for detecting and preventing at- risk situations, monitoring safety and improving quality of life.

Group Assisted Living

We have also created a range of security systems for grouped assisted living. The solutions are designed to ensure flexibility to effectively support independence and enhanced connectivity across residents and care givers.

Thanks to its own R&D and production facilities, we can be flexible and design solutions ideally personalised to partners’ needs, enhancing their market positioning and end-customer experience.

This is a new cloud based system for assisted living, telecare, safety and security.

The solutions give seniors and people in assisted living the independence they want to have while helping them to avoid preventable injuries at home or outdoors. We can offer a wide portfolio.

This system allows the resident to signal an emergency and to communicate with care providers through an emergency button with 2- way communication.

This system communicates with peripheral devices, and with a backup server in the cloud.

Peripheral devices can include occupancy detectors, fall and bed sensors, two-way voice modules, portable tracking devices as well as security, home comfort and safety products to protect elderly and people in assisted living. In case of an emergency event, immediate help is only a button-press away.

It combines our expertise in security and safety with cloud services, analytics and artificial intelligence to ensure advanced monitoring for families as well as Telecare providers and call centers. It gives the ability to gather digital information for analysis and enables to turn Big Data into Smart Data for the benefit of all.

It includes the following key features:

  • Smart video motion detection
  • Artificial Intelligence with Smart detection and recognition
  • Analysis and Storage for watchlisting and prevention
  • Persons in the scene can be identified against a stored database of faces in real-time or at a later date.

Secured Living

Telecare solutions and sensors are configurable to each home or group living environment. Enabling to secure elderly persons at home.

Privacy function

Residents who do not wish to be disturbed can activate the privacy function ensuring that their privacy and independence is not compromised.

Panic Activation

A dedicated panic trigger will automatically alert family members or a care monitoring station.

Personal and Proactive Care

Early event detection with immediate alerts enable family or health professionals to quickly take appropriate action.

Audio Security

There is a smart fully wireless burglar preventing doorbell device with two way DECT ULE.
  • SH-DB is designed to monitor the doorstep anytime while keeping snapshot history.
  • It operates outdoors without Wi-Fi or electricity with a 24-hour battery backup.

Flexible and Secure Communication

With its multiple communication paths the system is always securely connected for real-time alerts.

Features highly secured and encrypted communication between homes and care monitoring stations.

Smart Cloud

Our cloud provides full data remote management for care and behavioural monitoring.

Improved and Efficient Services

Smart analytics enables user behaviour to improve services.
Smart Ecosystem for Telecare


4G Ethernet Gateway

4G Ethernet Gateway4G Ethernet Gateway Specs

Security at Door Entrance

Security at door entrance

Secure Intercom (SOS)

Secure Intercom (SOS)



Smart Security Analytics

Big data is about both storage and analytics.

It gives the ability to gather massive amounts of digital information to analyse, visualise and draw insights that enable prediction and prevention of potential threats.

We turn Big Data into Smart Data for the benefit of CMS, installers and users.

Smart Security Analytics
  • Intelligent video motion detection

  • Artificial Intelligence with detection and recognition

  • Analysis and Storage for watch listing and prevention

  • Individuals in the identification scene vs. real-time stored database.

Iris has developed security and surveillance applications that perfectly fit either residential or commercial environments.

Iris’s solutions in the Smart Security market take advantage of the full suite of Iris’s analytics algorithms, software and Cloud running on co-located servers, or as a cloud based web service running on public or private cloud.

Iris’s analytics make devices truly smart by analyzing content in real-time, extracting metadata, sending out alerts and providing intelligence to the whole security Ecosystem.

We are able to extract just the valid motion in a scene, filtering out noise such as lighting changes and animal motions, thereby reducing false alarms to virtually zero.

Key features include object classification (human/pet/vehicle), intrusion detection and line crossing, people/ vehicle counting object left/removed and video summary.

Telecare Panel

Telecare Panel
This panel is an all-in one smart alarm to keep senior safe in their own homes.

It facilitates patient‘s distance care and assistance and care pathway in terms of prevention, compliance and homecare services.

This control panel communicates with a wide range of peripherals such as fall detector, smoke and flood detectors or air quality detector, to provide peace of mind to their customers by sending alert when relevant.

The control panel also includes a main emergency button and a 2-way audio communication capability
 for the service provider to communicate with the resident. It includes a pill reminder to improve compliance of people to their treatment.

A smartphone application is available for remote activity monitoring by relative.

Audio Verification Module

AVM is an indoor audio verification module.

Upon transmission of an alarm signal, the AVM provides remotely controlled and full duplex functionality between a central station operator and the occupants of the premises. Receiving audio verification simultaneously with the alarm signal allows the CMS to prioritise and verify alarms before acting, making the AVM the ideal solution to false dispatching and unverified alarm problems.

Up to 4 modules can easily be installed in any convenient location in your home.

Audio Verification Module

Wireless Keypad and Remote Keyfobs

KP is Iris’s panel’s fully wireless icon keypad with RFID & internal sounder.

RMT is a 4- button two-way wireless keyfob for arming and disarming the Iris panel with visual LED confirmation.

The RMT as well as the proximity tags can be attached to a keychain.

Wireless Keypad and Remote Keyfobs
Wireless Keypad and Remote Keyfobs

Panic Devices

Wireless Panic Watch & DECT Pendant

The PANIC Watch and button are advanced water-resistant transmitters with a single button press-and-hold activation and an ergonomic design, ideal for independent and group living people.

DECT Pendant is a Portable 2 Way Wireless Telecare Safety and Audio System allowing people to stay connected and independent at home. It is ideal for everyday living as well as for emergency.

Panic Watch

Panic Watch

Panic Pendant

Panic Pendant

Panic Devices

Fall Sensor

FALL is a DECT Pendant with Voice Announcements for seniors and people with disabilities who want to live at home even if they are predominantly alone.

It maintains contact with Family & Friends, reminds its user to take medicine when appropriate and – most notably – has a reliable Fall and Smoke Alarm Detection with automatic alarm handling. Compatible with any standard DECT Base Station at home, the FALL is suitable for sales concepts with and without contract.

Statistically every red-button user suffers from a fall-down accidents 2-3 times per year. This dramatic event is a major medical threat to persons alone at home and is described by medical services as the most important challenge to supply instant professional help. FALL uses a new Fall Detection algorithm (“DPDM”) which has excellent reliability and no false alarms. DPDM can distinguish between ‘person fall down’ and ‘product fall down’. Normally an emergency call is not needed for the later event. However it has been proven by practice that the fall down of the product can be the consequence of a medical hazard. FALL considers this effect by monitoring the follow-up actions and triggering emergency call in case the product is not picked up.

This feature is enabled ‘ex works’ but can be disabled via PC APP. FALL has an elegant and modern design. Anyone who has trouble getting around, or who can’t (or doesn’t want to) get up to answer the door can also inform a visitor that it will take a while for them to respond to the Doorbell.

Fall SensorFall Detector Table

Wireless Occupancy PIR Detectors

PIR detectors are a fully supervised low current Two Way Wireless PIR detectors, including an advanced two way protocol for secure and reliable system operation.

Full communication administration (Supervision, Tamper, Low Batt.) as well as test transmission signals (Communication, Tamper, Alarm).





PIR Detectors

Wireless Smoke Detectors

Iris’s Smoke detectors are built with an advanced optical sensing photoelectric chamber and offer 10 years of battery life.

SMK1 & SMK2 are cutting edge in fire safety. They sound an on-board siren, communicate through apps, and deliver alerts to your phone or other mobile device if an alarm occurs.





Wireless Smoke Detectors

Wireless Flood Detector

FLOOD is a two way wireless Flood Detector designed to detect water leaks in kitchens, bathrooms warehouses or yachts.

Installation is easy and provides an early warning of developing leaks.

Wireless Flood DetectorWireless Flood Detector Table

Air Quality Sensor

AQ enables you to take control of home air quality.
 Indoor air quality is affected by smoke and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs). Home building materials and furniture may also release these VOCs.

In the process of trying to secure your home by locking doors and keeping the windows shut you may inadvertently seal in carbon dioxide. Furnaces and other wood fuel heaters also produce carbon monoxide while high humidity contributes to poor air quality.

Air Quality Sensor Table

DB Doorbell

Audio Security Burglar Preventing Device

Iris’s DB is a smart fully wireless doorbell burglar preventing device with two way audio DECT ULE.
 Audio is routed over GSM from the device to the smartphone for audio verification. Smart recorded messages enable to trigger a discussion while the panel calls the user who is not at home or not willing or able to answer.

When used with Iris’s cameras, day and night high definition images will be sent for video verification. DB is designed to watch your doorstep anytime while keeping snapshot history.
 It operates outdoors without Wi-Fi or electricity with a 24-hour battery backup.

DB DoorbellDB Doorbell Table

DECT ULE Humidity, Temperature & Air Pressure Device

DU-HUM is the ideal solution for monitoring humidity, temperature and air pressure conditions of your home wine cellar and more.

Collected data is displayed on the devices built-in LCD display and automatically pushed to the cloud which allows it to be streamed to web browsers and mobile devices and to set configure alert ranges.

DECT ULE Humidity, Temperature & Air Pressure DeviceDECT ULE Humidity, Temperature & Air Pressure Device Table

Wireless Indoor PIR & Camera Detectors

Iris’s Indoor PIRCAMs are two-way wireless motion detectors with built-in CMOS high quality colour cameras.

They provide an ideal solution for video verification via pictures transmitted to a CMS or to your mobile phone via Apps. Both users and CMS can verify alarms day and night by viewing real-time colour images captured by Iris’s PIRCAMs for fast and accurate response to real alarm events. They can be configured Over-The-Air.

PIR Cam1

PIR Cam1

PIR Cam2

PIR Cam2

Wireless Indoor PIR & Camera Detectors Table

Wireless Outdoor PIR & Camera Detector

Wireless Outdoor PIR & Camera DetectorWireless Outdoor PIR & Camera Detector Table

Wireless Door/Window Magnet Shock Contact Devices

These devices provide perimeter protection for premises with early warning upon attempted intrusion.

The MAG & SHOCK device analyses shocks while ignoring background vibrations.
 They can be configured Over-The-Air and feature a 5 year battery life.





Wireless Door/Window Magnet Shock Contact Devices Table

Wireless Glass Break Detector

GBD is an Omni-directional Wireless Glass Break Detector providing a detection coverage of 180° that can be configured over the air.
Wireless Glass Break DetectorWireless Glass Break Detector Table

Mirror Optics Wireless PIR & Curtain PIR Detectors

PIR is fully a supervised mirror optics two-way wireless detector featuring motion detection, tamper protection, low battery and supervision.

CRT is a wireless detector featuring a solid curtain coverage of up to 8m length by 3m height. The device may be used for perimeter protection by setting up detection “curtains” walls or windows. PIR & CRT can be configured Over-The-Air.





Mirror Optics Wireless PIR & Curtain PIR Detectors Table

Wireless Double PIR and Anti-Masking Outdoor Detector

EDS3000AM is a unique two-way wireless outdoor double motion detector with active Anti- Masking feature.

This device is designed to protect the outdoor areas of your property and triggers an alarm before an intruder breaks in.

Wireless Double PIR and Anti-Masking Outdoor DetectorWireless Double PIR and Anti-Masking Outdoor Detector Table

Wireless Indoor Sounder

SIRINT is a fully supervised wireless siren. Its slim and compact design blends into the decor and provides an alert to a potential danger.

It also indicates entry and exit delays, trouble beeps and door chimes. SIRINT can be configured Over-The-Air.

Wireless Indoor SounderWireless Indoor Sounder Table

Wireless Outdoor Sounder

Neptune is a wireless two-way self-powered outdoor siren.

It features fully supervised communication highly reliable operation and optimal wireless performance, including visual and audio notifications. Neptune can be configured Over-The-Air.

Wireless Outdoor SounderWireless Outdoor Sounder Table

Verification Camera

Iris’s CAM is a two-way wireless CMOS camera for day and night high quality colour pictures.

The CAM can be tied to other security or safety peripherals such as PIR, smoke or flood detectors or doorbells. It can also be linked with Telecare Fall detectors for visual event verification.
 It is battery operated and ideal for CMS, Telecare or by authorised users.
 The CAM like all any other peripherals can be configured Over-The-Air.

Verification CameraVerification Camera Table

HD IP Camera

The HD-IPCAM Indoor Camera features a super clear 1080p HD and a built-in speaker and microphone.

The HD-IPCAM offers verification with HD video streams to the cloud. Users can view on demand or on alarm real-time H.264 video streaming for fast and accurate response to real events.

HD IP CameraHD IP Camera Table

4K IP CAMERA with Face Recognition and AI

The 4K-IPCAM offers video surveillance and verification with high quality 4K video streams to the cloud.

Users can view on demand or on alarm real-time H.265 and H.264 video streaming for fast and accurate response to real events. The 4K-IPCAM supports video analytics and AI for fall detection, person/pet/vehicle identification face and emotion recognition.

4K IP CAMERA with Face Recognition and AI4K IP CAMERA with Face Recognition and AI Table

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