NB-IoT Air Quality 5 in 1 Sensor

Full end to end solution that takes advantage of the New NB-IoT network

  • NB-IoT Air Quality Sensor with temperature, humidity, CO2, PIR and SOS
  • Powered by USB-C or long life lithium battery
  • Battery can last over 1.5 years taking readings every hour
  • Battery provides back up power for extended power cuts
  • Internal antenna and robust lithium battery for deployment in any indoor environment
  • Full end to end solution with SIM, platform and reporting or just hardware
Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

UK based software solution for management and reporting

Our Wireless Asset GPS Tracker uses an intuitive and powerful MDM solution and MDM app for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Wear OS, VR, and IoT platforms. Avoid security risks and solve maintenance challenges during all phases of the device’s lifecycle.