Genus Care Frame

The smart digital photo frame

Share photos, make video calls, monitor living environment, and make direct contact when needed

Family and friends can share photos with the frame and make video calls. The Genus Care Frame is also alert when it comes to health and safety, It can spot irregularities and alert if necessary. This way It can provide reassurance and insight into how you are doing from a distance, without being intrusive. The Genus Care Frame can reduce loneliness and with it you keep control over your own life to live responsibly at home for as long as possible. With the Genus Care Frame family, friends and care are always close by.

Genus Care Frame

Genus Introduction Video

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Various sensors in the Genus frame register movement and behaviour to recognise daily routines. In addition to the routine monitoring the frame will measure the temperature, humidity and noise levels in the surroundings When something unexpected happens or pre set temperatures fall below or exceed the parameters family and other caretakers receive a notification. This way Genus keeps an eye on things, without intruding your privacy.

Assist & Alert

One press on the Assist button and your caretakers are notified. They can let you know if they will visit or maybe have a quick videocall. Also when someone is staying in bed longer than usual – Genus will pro-actively alert the caregivers. This way, we ensure you get the care you need.

Genus Care Frame Have You Taken Your Medicines?Genus Care Frame How Did You Sleep Last Night?

Give Feedback

With the ability to push notifications to the frame the user can give live insights into their day by pressing one of the faces on the screen to indicate how they are feeling, whether they have taken medication or even indicate if they are going to attend a social event.

Mobile App

With the Genus mobile app the care givers can monitor all of the features of the frame from one place, at any time. You can respond to emergency calls, make sure that there is movement and videocall the frame from anywhere. All of the notifications you receive are audited and tracked to see who and when someone has responded.

Genus Mobile SOS Button

The Genus Mobile SOS Button extends the reach of the Genus Care photoframe and ensures that you are connected everywhere. The Genus Mobile SOS button works with any mobile network. When the SOS button is pressed, an SMS with GPS coordinates is sent to the Genus Cloud alarming all caretakers. Once pressed, every caretaker will be able to call directly to the SOS button.


Camera Icon
Share Photos & Feedback
Pill Icon
Pill & Medicine Reminders & Response
Video Icon
Video Calling
Siren Icon
Alarm & Alert at the touch of a button
Humidity Icon
Humidity Sensor
Movement Icon
Movement Sensors front and back
Light Icon
Light Sensor
Temp Icon
Temperature Sensor
Air Icon
Air Quality Sensor
Sound Icon
Sound Sensor