Cold Storage Tracker

Real Time Data - full end to end solution to monitor an asset with global coverage

Small and affordable, can easily fit inside a box
Location tracking with geofencing & route deviation alarm
Environment and temperature monitoring
Monitor asset status with alarm for abnormalities
Use multiple sensors within one container
Program alarm: open box, route deviation, temperature, collision
Live portal: delivery data, time of arrival, historic data

Technology: NB-IoT / 2G

Battery: 1 Years Standby

3 months uptime @1 report per hour

WiFi / GPS GLONASS / Beidou / LBS

Size: 123 x 61 x 8mm

Weight: 85g

Temperature Monitor

3M Adhesive Installation

Storage Solutions

Runs off the dedicated IoT network which means it can work at ultra low power levels extending the battery life by 80%
Temperatures can vary inside a container, so to help monitor accurately place multiple sensors spread throughout the area
Always see if they have been moved and find their new location instantly
Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

UK based software solution for management and reporting

Our Wireless Asset GPS Tracker uses an intuitive and powerful MDM solution and MDM app for Android, iOS/iPadOS, Windows, Linux, macOS, Wear OS, VR, and IoT platforms. Avoid security risks and solve maintenance challenges during all phases of the device’s lifecycle.
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