When Particles per million can add up to £££s!

Particles per million

What is the quality of the air in your workspace? Air pollution is going to be the main contributor to health problems in the future so every HSE person needs to act now.

When PPM (parts per million) of microscopic, airborne particulate matter (dust etc) are on the increase, its not just colleagues’ health that is being put at risk, but their disposition too and that may well result not only performance issues, but costly litigation as the number of employees taking actions against employers in respect of health issues in the workplace is on the rise.

And for all you CFOs you’ll be impressed by not only the health benefits that clean air provides, but how monitoring and improving air quality can improve productivity too. Did you know that a marginal increase in the PPM of CO2 within our workplace air can reduce productivity by up to 12%!! (and we all generate a lot of it…).

Stop PPM impacting your business (performance, productivity and profit) and take control of the quality of your environment with the installation of an unobtrusive IoT workplace monitoring system.

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