Tech Nation: Sensor-driven solutions help organisations act on their data

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Currently based in Daventry (but soon set to relocate to Northampton), Midlands tech company Iris IoT Solutions helps organisations address a range of challenges – from wellness in the workplace and environmental challenges, to occupancy and space utilisation, and energy management.

The company’s IoT (or internet of things) solutions work ‘out-of-the-box’ and are designed to be easy for businesses to install. They combine cellular gateways (portable routers, effectively), and battery-powered sensors to continuously send data over the internet that can be analysed using actionable back-end dashboards and data visualisation software.

This provides organisations with real-time visibility of anything from water temperature (to comply with regulation) to the health of things like crops or industrial components, which can help to reduce costs and aid decision-making in real-time.

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