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IRIS IoT Solutions joins with the world’s leading IoT partner network.

IRIS IoT Solutions Limited has just recently joined the Vodafone Global IoT Partner Network which includes the world’s leading operators, hardware and application suppliers, systems integrators and distributors.

IRIS Director, Stephen Westley, is excited at what this means for the business:

“We have worked with all the leading networks for over 20 years, but when it came to our needing resilience, reliability and reach for IRIS IoT, it was a natural choice to look to Vodafone, the world’s leading IoT network and services provider and to be acknowledged as a Vodafone IoT partner”.

IRIS and Vodafone have already collaborated on two ground breaking Agri Tech programs, both involving the monitoring of Livestock health and wellbeing and the prediction and prevention of illness. The first was awarded 2018 Industry Supply Chain Innovation accolade and is planned for international roll-out in the first half of 2019. The second program brings together unique image capture technology with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to process huge masses of data, creating a real-time decision-making platform for improvement in animal welfare and delivering significant cost savings to the industry.

Westley adds:

“Being a part of the Vodafone IoT partner network fits perfectly with our overall strategy – very few, if any, organisations have the complete services portfolio or capabilities to deliver on the full range of opportunities and benefits that IoT can deliver. Through partnerships and collaborations, IRIS brings together expertise in sensor design and engineering, solutions architecture, data analytics, software engineering, AI, connectivity and visualisation, alongside its own proprietary developments, for either the delivery of a complete end-to-end systems architecture, or simply the supply of standalone sensing solutions”.

Building on a proprietary, multi-sensor cellular gateway design, with unique processing capabilities, that readily integrates with 3rd party devices and data platforms, IRIS can create highly customisable and bespoke solutions from a standardised, cost efficient, platform. And by integrating the resilience and mobility of 4G cellular networks with energy efficient LPWAN protocols and harnessing the power and security of EDGE computing, IRIS delivers leading edge, Industry 4.0, solutions with 24/7 visibility and real time, pro-active, program management.

And finally, that it is an early adopter of NBIoT, with its platform being NBIoT ready with Westley commenting further “Vodafone have clearly laid down the markers to lead this space, as demonstrated in their investments in and commitments to NBIoT and the support they give their partners in technology and know-how and we look forward to sharing that knowledge, with and throughout the whole IoT partner network”.

About IRIS IoT Solutions Ltd.

By harnessing over 20 years mobile communications and solutions experience and adopting a holistic view enterprise requirements IRIS IoT Solutions is able to effect a digital transformation of a business, providing real-time visibility and data driven insights to environments, processes and assets, enabling meaningful decision-making and improving efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing stakeholder experience.

Whether the simple deployment of a monitoring sensor or implementation of a complete systems architecture, IRIS delivers a solution that will improve performance and increase productivity.