IRIS IoT granted exclusivity for the Gigaset SmartCare solution

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IRIS IoT Solutions has been granted exclusivity for the Gigaset SmartCare solution. The solution, details about which can be found on our dedicated page, is designed to provide advanced home care services to seniors and other individuals who require remote monitoring and assistance.


The Gigaset SmartCare solution is an innovative technology that integrates a range of sensors and devices, including motion sensors, door and window sensors, and emergency buttons, to create a comprehensive home monitoring system. The system uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to detect anomalies and changes in the environment, such as falls or unusual behaviour, and alerts caregivers or family members in real-time.

IRIS IoT’s exclusivity for the Gigaset SmartCare solution means that the company is the sole provider of this technology in the market. This exclusivity allows IRIS IoT to offer its customers a unique and highly advanced home care solution that is not available elsewhere.

Moreover, IRIS IoT is well-positioned to offer comprehensive support and service for the Gigaset SmartCare solution. With its deep expertise in IoT technology and its commitment to customer service, IRIS IoT can provide customers with the guidance and assistance they need to deploy and use the solution effectively.

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