Care ‘in the Home’ from as little as £8 per month

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By 2025, it is estimated that over 15 million UK adults will be either over 65 or have a disability that requires some form of support (The Lancet vol 2, issue 7, 2017) and as life expectancy increases, the ability to live independently will be increasingly challenged. IoT can play a major role in not only easing demands on the Social Care infrastructure, but in enabling individuals to enjoy the freedom of independent living and to participate in community life.

Drawing on over 10 years’ experience of Telehealth and Telecare products and services, IRIS IoT Solutions is already making inroads towards creating a real difference in the approach to Assistive Living. Harnessing experience of Cellular and LoRa WAN technologies gained from Industrial and Workplace implementations, IRIS is bringing together environmental sensors, along with PIR ‘presence monitoring’ devices and energy management solutions to enhance Care Attendance and Awareness, address Health and Wellbeing challenges and improve Carer Resource Utilisation and Buildings Maintenance in a number of Sheltered Accommodation and Housing Association programs.

Iris Care Table
Wireless Sensors
Unobtrusive, wireless environmental and movement sensors easily fitted.
Multiple Dwellings
Managing multiple dwellings, across diverse locations via a simple dashboard.

As commented by Stephen Westley, IRIS Director:

The key components for our At Home or In Care Assistive Living Services are delivering great results in the various programs we are currently undertaking, where the deployment of unobtrusive sensing devices, alongside a cloud based, user friendly reporting platform provides both sides – Carer and Resident alike, with invaluable support. However, experience has taught us that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ and with IoT we have the benefit of being able to scale the solution to fit requirements – be that in adding additional sensors to detect water spillage and gases, to monitor utilities consumption and efficiency or to deploy across estates comprising hundreds of dwellings. In addition, we are constantly striving to enhance the quality of services and insights that we are able to provide and to that end, the final two pieces to our jigsaw puzzle are well underway – an Indoor Fall Monitor and the personalisation of the solution using AI and machine learning, in order that we can respond to the lifestyle of the individual, not just the masses.

Activity Movement
Observing activity and movement, without compromising or interfering enables the Care Team to ensure continued wellbeing.
Monitoring Environment
Monitoring environment-temperature, humidity, dust and air pollutants, can prevent exacerbating health issues and illness.

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