Back to Work Solutions for the Workplace

Over the last few months we have been busy devising new solutions to help manage a return to work effectively without compromising the health of employees or visitors.

We all know there is not one solution that can meet all needs and we need a jigsaw of solutions to help.

This short video will show you our IRIS IoT back to work solutions in action.

Our new solutions include:

People Counting

People Counting, Including Occupancy Level

Our occupancy solution allows you to understand how your space is being used; ensuring social distances regulations are complied with and enabling you to make informed decisions.

This keeps your customers and employees safe while remaining compliant with the current government’s Social Distancing guidelines. We can use either existing cameras or special AI cameras. We are able to remotely monitor occupancy levels and warn when limits are being reached and predict waiting time.

Wearable Social Distancing

Wearable Social Distancing

Our wearable solution will vibrate and alert the user when currentsocial distancing laws are breached.

We are also working on a remote version to give you real-time data on this information.

Thermal Imagining Monitoring

Thermal Imaging Monitoring

Using our existing experience in remote monitoring of critical machinery means we have been able to change the technology to alert you to the possibility of people entering your building with a temperature.

We back up this solution with a mobile measure to make sure the reading was not due to other factors.

Regular Cleaning Turned Smart

Regular Cleaning Turned Smart

Customer confidence is going to be so important moving forward and insights to cleanliness is essential. We need more information on cleaning routines and how often premises are cleaned, how long for and what produce has been used.

These insights can be valuable to make sure premises are keeping a rigid cleaning program. We now can provide a full end to end system to show these insights and much more.

Wearable Temperature Monitor

Wearable Temperature Monitor

Our wearable solution will check your temperature every 10/30/60minutes to give you an insight into the users’ real temperature.

The digital sensor is very accurate and is the same as a remote reader. You can check historical data to see the wearers’ reading for the last hour, day or week.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote Temperature / Humidity / CO2 / VOCS / PM2.5 Monitoring

This is what we do! We are able to give you real-time and historic data to show you how your building is performing and the quality of the air in your buildings.

IRIS IOT Air Purification

Air Purification

Using the latest patented technology, using HEPA filters and NanoAir Cleansing Technolog.

Fitted with medical grade air purification, our units remove more than 99.5% of all harmful substances.

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