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The Best or Nothing

Gottlieb Daimler

To unashamedly strive to meet and exceed your customer’s expectations is something to be very proud of.

With over 20 years continuous experience of the wireless industry, the founders of IRIS IoT Solutions bring a deep understanding of the technical and commercial challenges and opportunities that surround IoT, the new wireless landscape and the many industries and sectors that it connects.

By introducing the expertise of industry leading specialists in hardware, network and BI solutions, IRIS develops customer centric solutions that fit the requirements of a program, not simply fit the requirements of a program into a single source solution.

IRIS Shape Solutions

“IRIS showed no hesitation in wanting to fully understand the complexities of our requirements and shape a solution – including the development of new products – that met the challenges of our unique AgriHealth program in the most direct and cost effective manner.”

Keith Evans, PrognostiX UK

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