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The quality of data at source is the foundation to the quality of final decision making and actionable results. Carefully defining information requirements; specifying sensory devices of appropriate performance and deploying units suitable to the environment in which they are operating, ensures an accurate, robust and consistent data collection process.


The selection of the optimum network protocols – Cellular, LPWAN, Satellite or a hybrid combination – alongside the implementation of secure and compliant network and cloud environments, delivers effective ROI solutions and maintains appropriate security and integrity of data transmission, receiving and hosting.


The availability of accurate, relevant, real time data; properly analysed, consolidated and presented, empowers an organisation towards pro-active and informed decision-making, creating competitive advantage in the control and direction of its assets, processes and resources.

Predict & Prevent

Introduction of the Sense Hub and the advantages of the data it produces. If you are looking for an IOT partner or are looking to implement an IOT solution then our modular, secure, scalable solution may be of interest.

What do you want to monitor?

What We Do

By adopting a holistic view of your enterprise requirements IRIS IoT Solutions is able to effect a digital transformation of your business, providing real-time visibility and data driven insights to environments, processes and assets, enabling meaningful decision-making and improving efficiency, reducing costs, enhancing stakeholder experience.

Whether the simple deployment of a monitoring sensor or implementation of a complete systems architecture, IRIS delivers a solution that will improve performance and increase productivity.

Who We Work With

IRIS IoT Solutions are proud to work with the following companies, authorities, colleges and universities:

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